Toys Toys Plastic Pedal Washer


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This washer will fit the following cars:
TT-620954 – Charleston 2CV Pedal Car
TT-621584 – Ferrari F430 Pedal Car
TT-621974 – Fiat 500 Classic Pedal Car
TT-622204 – BMW Z4 Roadster Pedal Car
TT-622226 – Mercedes SL Pedal Car
TT-622276 – Mini Cooper Cabrio Pedal Car
TT-622284 – Mercedes SLK Pedal Car
TT-622304 – Porsche Boxter ‘S’ Pedal Car
TT-622376 – Megane Trophy Pedal Car
TT-622433 – Peugeot 107 Pedal Car
TT-622444 – Alfa Brera Pedal Car
TT-622486 – BMW 335i Cabrio Pedal Car
TT-622504 – Fiat Nuova 500 Pedal Car


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