UberScoot Performance Carburetor Air Filter Kit


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The Evo Performance Carburetor and Air filter kit will add more take off  power and top speed. Best used with Evo Performance Pipe.
Kit includes:
16mm Performance Carburetor (with High & Low adjustments)
Carb Gasket (needed to align air hole on manifold)
Velocity Stack (holds air filter & increases air flow)
Performance Air Filter (increases air intake & better filtering)
Fuel Line (14 inches of fuel line, needed to reach carburetor)

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Installation Instructions:
Remove stock air filter cover (finger screw)
Remove fuel lines and throttle cable from original carburetor
Remove 2 alan bolts holding filter and carburetor to engine, remove old air filter and carburetor
Slide alan bolts through new velocity stack, new carburetor and new carburetor gasket (new carburetor mounts upside down)
Make sure air hole in gasket aligns with manifold hole (make hole slightly larger if not)
Tighten bolts to engine
Check that the choke lever opperates (if not, slightly make velocity stack opening larger)
Re-route throttle cable through frame so it will attach to new carburetor
Remove the stock fuel line from gas tank (this is the larger hose with filter)
Move fuel filter to new fuel line and install in gas tank
Connect the new fuel line and original return fuel line to new carburetor
Attach new filter to velocity stack, tighen hose clamp to secure
Scooter is now ready to use
Note: This carburetor has a High & Low fuel mixture adjustment. If the engine doesn’t run properly, you will need to adjust these settings


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